How To Choose a Domain Name For Your Travel Blog

How To Choose a Domain Name For Your Travel Blog

Ok so Chris and his new website although interesting wouldn’t solve your issue and isn’t really all that helpful but it is one way of choosing a domain name, so how do you choose a domain for your travel blog?

If it was still 2010 I would suggest a emd (exact match domain) that mirrored a decent search return however this time has long gone and we need to move with the times.

Using your own name

This is a decent option and most likely the domain will be available to register unless you are called Brad Pitt, Winston Churchill or Kelly Clarkson! even if you did have a popular name there are now so many suffixes available it still would be a possibility.

Choosing your own name is a good idea if:
* You only want to share your work with people you know
* You would like to build a brand around yourself

If you do decide to use your name it will probably be worth adding to it so people can tell what your site is about.
If you name was Brian Jones you could register brianjonestravelblog .com/ depending on where you live or who you are trying to attract to your site (if anyone at all)

Creating a brand name

Out of all the options I could list creating your own brand is by far the best suggestion and will endeavour to be future proof.
Deciding on a brand name for your travel blog is going to take a little bit of time but the best thing is you can get very creative with the name, ideally it should be easy to remember, catchy, short “ish” relates to travel (if possible) but most of all a name you like personally.

I have thought of a name now what do I do?

Well done, you are now on your way to starting a professional blog but is the name available?
You need to check to see if the name is available to register, I use namecheap to register all my domains because it’s the cheapest place to buy a domain name and the user interface is very easy to use, if you ever have a problem you can get customer support 24/7
Go to namecheap to see if your name is available click here

Best way to learn photoshop to build a travel blog

Best way to learn photoshop

Learning how to use adobe photoshop takes time but it is worth the effort, editing your photographs before you post to your blog will give it a professional look and enable you to be more creative.

A good travel blog always includes photos and from my experience photos should be your primary focus because one of the main reasons why people love reading travel blogs is to see photos from around the world.
Another good reason why your blog should focus on providing very good quality images is because of social media, photos will get shared on social sites including: facebook, G+, twitter and pintrest to name a few in turn this will bring new visitors to your blog so putting extra effort into displaying and editing your photos is beneficial.

Below are some photos I have eddied using photoshop:

Example of brightness and contrast change
photo example 1 photo example 2

Example of an inverted photo
normal photo inverted photo

Example of a change to black and white image
first photo black and white version

The above are some just very simple editing examples you can use to change your photos and display them to your readers.

Another aspect of adobe CS6 is the ability to create graphics for your blog, here are some examples:
speach bubblevisit site review design chin up fail

Crossfit Shorts Durham Graphics chat wih stragers guide

As you can see all of the above graphics are very different from each other, there is no limit to how you design or create graphics for your own travel blog.

Tips for designing graphics for your blog

1. Keep it simple just don’t try to do to much at once or you will just end up wasting time
2. If you don’t know how to do something simply go to youtube and find a help/how to video
3. Use a set of 3 colours and stick to it, this will keep your site in a theme
4. Save original files in one folder so you can reuse them again and again
5. Save files to be used on the blog as a gif

If you use wordpress I would highly recommend installing the smuchit plugin (it’s free) every time you upload a photo or a graphic to your blog it ill crush the file making it quicker to load when visitors come to your site and it saves space.

Who, What, Why and When

It’s our very first post! amazing lets start off by answering some basic questions and if you have some questions of your own please feel free to comment at the bottom.

Who will be running the site?

My name is Philip I have been building blogs and websites for over 15 years I live in the USA Detroit Michigan, I am originally from Durham in the North East of England.
I have travelled around the world in my younger days but due to family commitments I am only able to travel once or twice a year for now.

Why did you build this site?

My love of travelling combined with my experience of blog and website creation is the reason why this site exists with the aim to help anyone looking to build a travel blog.

I build websites mainly for company’s but I also have my own sites, originally I built all of my websites using HTML but this process is very time consuming so now I build all of my sites using wordpress.

What can you teach me?

I’ve had many successes and probably a lot more failures when building sites and blogs over the years but with every new site I learn where I went wrong or how I succeeded.
With this in mind I feel I can provide you with some very detailed guides so you can establish your own travel blog or any blog / website for that matter.

I still build websites and blogs so I need to keep up to date with everything important in the on-line world so new information and the latest developments will be a big factor when I am putting together guides.

What will be on this site?

Here is a list of guides I plan to create over the next few months
guide to wordpress, start your own blog, blogging for beginners, plugins, hosting guide, keep it simple, no fuss blog, quick and simple blogging, quick start guide, a guide to photos, safe storage.

It’s just a ruff list of what to expect, I am also hoping for feedback and suggestions of what you would like to know and learn with possible webinars and interviews with leading industry experts.

Expectations of me?

Ok I need to point out a few things for my own sanity this may turn into a rule book depending on how cool everyone is or is not!
I will make spelling and grammar mistakes a long the way this is mainly due to being dyslexic but I also have 2 kids running around the house and other work projects so just to let you all know it’s all about the information and learning not telling me how much I suck at English.

I will be posting to this site with new material 1 to 3 times a week maybe more or less depending on my work schedule.

I will try to reply to every ones comments and or messages but it may not be the same day

The end result is to build a community or following that can help each other and at some point I will open a forum.

Final thoughts

Thank you for being apart of this project I know some people have waited a long time for this to get started if you have any further questions please feel free to message me or comment below.